Purify your Aura with Throat Chakra Activation

You might know that in the Hindu tradition, the Vishuddha chakra is the energy center of the throat which carries the essence of communication, clarity, deep listening, personal truth, creativity and self-expression. But did you know that the word Vishuddha translates to“purification”?

Purification is key to aligning with your personal truth.

By purifying the physical, emotional and energetic body you'll become more receptive to subtle forms of communication. (You may even develop telepathic abilities!)

Developing your subtle senses and intuition will help you to better discern whether each thought, mood, attitude, belief, hope or fear that arises is actually yours or if you've picked it up from someone else.

This insight can lead to further purification, as a feedback loop. You'll feel more empowered to choose your thoughts, what you put in your body, who you share energy with, how you spend your time, which environments you hang out in and the types of information and entertainment you consume.

Over time your aura will become a purified bubble, free of incompatible energy, where you feel centered in your truth and free to express yourself with ease.

Sound is a powerful tool for enhancing and maintaining your auric hygiene. In Wheels of Life, Anodea Judith explains that

"Sound, as a vibration and a force inherent in all things, has a purifying nature. Sound can and does affect the cellular structure of matter. It also has the ability to harmonize otherwise dissonant frequencies within and around us."

In other words, sound has the power to shift your experience by bringing your mental, physical and emotional state into resonance with positive, healing vibrations.

By the grace of the divine, you're made with a built in instrument, your voice box. Through singing, sounding or repeating mantra you can move harsh energy out of your system and make energy manifest.

To help you connect with the healing power of your voice and sound, we're sharing this flower of life singing box in our August Goddess Provisions Box (SOLD OUT).

As you play it, add your voice by chanting Aum, or Om, to feel the resonance of the Universe within and around you.

We're also including this 741 Hz tuning fork for throat chakra activation. Ring it and let your voice harmonize by chanting the bija mantra for the vishuddha chakra “Ham.”

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