The Magic Behind Flower Essences

Just by being in their presence, flowers have the magical ability to reduce stress, lift our spirits and bring us into the present moment.

Yet, beneath their charming (observable) qualities, there’s something more happening when you “stop to smell the flowers.”

Similar to reiki, flower medicine is energy medicine that works on the subtle body to support emotional, psychological and spiritual balance.

Flowers essences can be used to help decrease occurrences of dis-ease including anxiety, stress, fear, uncertainty, loneliness and low self-esteem, to name a few.

Here's a quick overview of how flower medicine works:

  • As the result of it’s growing environment, physical expression and biochemical makeup, each flower bud has a unique vibration.
  • When infused, the vibration is captured and stored as a flower essence.
  • By wearing or consuming the flower essence, your subtle body can align with the high-vibrations of the original, live flower.
  • Daily use of flower essences can help to keep you in resonance with the earth’s vibrational frequency which is key for maintaining vibrant health.
  • Working with specific flower essences can help you progress towards your emotional, psychological or spiritual goals.

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    You'll find an especially enchanting flower essence from Biolumenessence in our February Goddess Provisions Box (SOLD OUT) which carries the magical resonance of the faerie world.

    Julie Dokas, Energetic & Botanical Alchemist and founder of BiolumenEssence, shares her process for creating this unique blend.

    "When I went to the woods and connected with the faerie realm, I asked for their guidance in choosing which flowers to use for the blend. While harvesting, I just listened. This particular spot was teeming with bees, butterflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers, ladybugs and waterfalls so there are a lot of contributing factors that make up the personality of this essence.

    The magic of this essence lies in the synergy between all of the flowers, acting as a whole, instead of individual flowers."

    To enjoy the healing properties, Julie recommends integrating them into your daily rituals.

    How to work with flower essences:

  • Take 3-4 drops on your tongue or in your favorite beverage before doing energy healing work like Reiki, massage, Tarot readings, etc.
  • Apply them topically to your wrists, temples, chakras, acupressure points or anywhere that feels like energy is stuck.
  • Anoint sacred objects like crystals, malas, wands or any intentional tool you like to use.
  • Give them as a gratitude offering to the earth.
  • Add a few drops into a bath, body oil, diffuser or room spray.

    You may also like to work with single flower essences based on their specific healing qualities.

    Check out the list below to discover characteristics of each flower that makes an appearance in our Faerie Magick Box (SOLD OUT) along with some other powerful flowers essences.

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    Blue Eyed Grass – Helps to get in touch with magic in your own life and the perfection of Nature.

    Purple Crown Vetch – Carries the energy of Queen of the Faerie Realm.

    St John’s Wort – Brings levity and wonder. Shines light on what has previously existed in the shadows.

    Deptford Pinks – Assists with exploration of realms beyond our perception.

    Trefoil – Supports connection, community and communication.

    Hop Clover – Acts as a stepping stone between worlds.

    Winter Vetch – Assists with communicating from the heart and amplifies imagination.

    Red Clover – Assists when working with the faerie realm, elementals and Earth Energy.

    Fleabane – Brings together fragmentation of Mind and Spirit.

    Daisy – Clears energy so you can create expansiveness in the space around you.

    Willow - Helps with accepting circumstances, adapting to change and finding forgiveness.

    Honeysuckle - Brings you fully into the present moment to embrace current life conditions.

    Star of Bethlehem - Assists with becoming present to a sense of inner divinity and wholeness.

    Passionflower - Eases nervous tension, promotes restful sleep and enhances intuitive vision.

    Pink Camellia - Boosts confidence and self-love and draws out your inner nurturer.

    Lavender - Relaxes the physical body and boosts wisdom and self-expression.

    Chamomile - Balances the emotional body with positivity.

    Rose - Nourishes the heart center and strengthening lust for life.

    Neroli - Promotes beauty, uplifting spirits and balancing feminine hormones.

    Marigold - Connects you to an infinite supply of joy and happiness.

    Cornflower - Grounds energy and cultivates self-acceptance and self-love.

    Gardenia - Restores balance or order through the process of reevaluating and reprioritizing.

    Jasmine - Helps release past traumas, romances or emotional wounds.

    Yarrow - Assists in remaining open to others while maintaining healthy emotional boundaries.

    Ocotillo - Garners inner strength and wisdom to respond to challenges instead of react.

    Mugwort - Integrates psychic or dream experiences with daily life.

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