Boost Vitality with Breast Massage

One of the most gratifying forms of self-love is tuning into pleasure.

Pleasure drops you into your body through the senses. Paired with present moment awareness, sensuality nurtures deep self-knowing and vibrancy.

Breast massages is a potent practice that not only stimulates sensitivity but also balances hormones, boosts oxytocin and reduces physical and emotional tension around the heart.

Tune into your pleasure potential and boost your vitality with this 10 minute breast massage, inspired by the magnetic Tantric guide, Layla Martin.

Hint: While these steps are for a personal practice, you can invite a partner into the fun. This practice can be physical or energetic if you’ve had a mastectomy.

1. Create a sacred space for your practice where you’ll feel safe to spend 10 minutes diving into pleasure.

2. Set the mood with candles, aromatherapy, music, a warm bath, whatever makes you feel sensual.

The October Sacred Sensuality Box includes this Awaken to Sensation Bath Bomb from Vital You that’s made with an enticing combo of relaxing salts, damiana infused witch-hazel, essential oils, flower & gem essences and topped with a clear quartz crystal.

3. Send your hands love, respect and awareness so they’ll touch you with the same energy. Give your body the touch it most desires.

4. Apply oil to your or your partners hands and then softly bring them to your chest for a sweet caress.

Inside the October Sacred Sensuality Box, you’ll also find this Breast Vitality Massage Oil from SoapyLayne that supports lymphatic health.

5. Connect with an intention. How do you want to feel? Sensual, empowered, joyful, confident, playful, radiant, vibrant, healthy, open-hearted, turned on, passionate, sexy? As the massage continues, remember your intention with each breath.

6. Start by making circles around the nipple area, moving down the outside and up on the inside. This motion helps to purify the breast tissue by moving lymph fluid towards the heart and arm pits.  Continue circles for 2-5 minutes, breathing and noticing what feels good. It’s okay if there’s numbness. Continue sending your love and intention into your chest.

7. If you have healthy breast tissue change directions for the next 2-5 minutes, now moving up on the outside and down on the inside to increase energy into the breast. Let your breath wash over you and you dive deeper and deeper into your sensual nature.

8. To conclude, holding your chest firmly with your hand and bounce/jiggle your breasts for another minute. This moves lymph, creates a sense of being held securely and sparks joy.

9. Bring your practice to a close by noticing how you’re feeling and sending love and appreciation to your breast.

10. Enjoy this practice daily!

For more sensual supplies, grab our Sacred Sensuality Box that’s packed with sensational tools to take you on an inward journey into your pleasure potential.

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