A Self Love Ritual

Begin by putting a few drops of Sacred Heart, Heart Healing Body Oil (included in the Goddess Provisions Heart Chakra Box - SOLD OUT) in the palm of your hands. Rub your hands to warm the oil a bit, then bring your palms to your nose to inhale the scent.


Take a little more oil and anoint your third eye (the space between your brows) and your heart chakra (right at the center of your chest). Take one more inhale of your oil, then proceed to your Meditation.

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Start to center yourself by closing your eyes and taking three deep breaths. Taking an inhale for four counts, holding for four counts, and exhaling for four counts. Really expand your lungs while breathing in so that you can feel the fresh air flowing through your entire body, allowing you to relax and let go. Then allow your breath to return to normal. Just letting your breath move at its own pace without forcing anything.

Now visualize a door. Walk through the door into a room. This room should feel comforting and beautiful. It should be decorated entirely to your taste and have all the things you love inside. Look around this room and see how gorgeous it is. Allow yourself to soak up the safety and comfort of this space.

When you’re ready, look to the furthest corner in the room, and you will see a woman (or a man if you are male, or any gender you identify with most). Observe her from afar. Notice what you like about this person.

Maybe she appears to be very beautiful, or you like what she’s wearing. Does she appear to have gorgeous hair or a warm smile? Observe her for several moments until you point out everything that you admire or like about her.

Now walk up to the woman. As you get closer, you begin to notice how familiar she looks. Keep going until you are standing right in front of her. Now that you can see her clearly, notice that the woman is you. She is your heart chakra, and she has been waiting for you.


Bring to mind all the positive things you saw about her from a distance. Play those thoughts again as you stare at your own face and see the beauty you thought belonged to someone else.

Take several moments to be in appreciation of yourself and what you have to offer. Say each of these positive qualities to your heart chakra so that she can hear how loved and appreciated she is.

Admire her; releasing any need to feel humble. This is your heart chakra, a piece of you who deserves admiration and praise.

Please do this for as long as you need, but I must warn you, this can become very emotional as you begin to accept your inner and outer beauty. After you’ve said everything, you need to say, thank her for accepting these compliments then hug her.

Yes, you are embracing yourself. Feel you loving you. Feel you showing affection to YOU.

Feel yourself providing comfort for your inner self that has been waiting to be seen by you for so very long. Let her know how much you care and that you want to love her with all of your heart. Hug her like you’re afraid to let her go. Hug your heart chakra for as long as you need.

When you are done, tell your heart chakra that you know she is here and that you will not abandon her again. Likewise, you now know where she is, and you can return to this room at any time.

You always have someone who loves you unconditionally, and you are never alone.

Say your last goodbyes, then turn around and walk through the room and back through the door. Begin to bring your awareness back to your body by taking three deep breaths. As you breathe, start to wiggle your fingers and toes. Listen to any sounds nearby. Once your awareness is in your body, open your eyes.

I recommend following this with a self-love bath to pamper and nourish your physical body.

Add a few drops of Sacred Love, Heart Healing Oil to your bath for an extra dose of luxury (CAUTION: oil can make a tub slippery). Be sure to massage some oil into your skin after your bath is complete.


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Thank you to Lorraine, owner of Spirit Element, for this soulful ritual as well as for sharing her Sacred Heart Body Oil in the Goddess Provisions Heart Chakra Box (SOLD OUT).

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