Turn your Road Trip into a Sacred Journey

Traveling can be an incredibly spiritual practice.

Setting out on the road helps us shift out of autopilot and exposes us to new perspectives and ways of life.

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Stepping away from the familiar pulls us out of our comfort zone and into the present moment, where the magic happens.

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Traveling is like getting a wake-up call from the universe inviting us to become more alive!

As you plan your next big adventure, here are six tips that can turn your average road trip into a sacred journey:

1. Connect with the Energy, Wherever You Go

Every destination has a uniqueness to discover.

To better know where you’ve landed, get a history lesson on the people and their progress.

Seek out local healers for recommendations and to take advantage of their place-infused offerings.

Find out what the locals do and do it too! Wander through the farmer’s market, take a yoga class, witness live music, explore a beloved bookstore or hike through the landscape. Live where you've landed.

Eating local is a delicious way to connect with the land, farmers and chefs who’ve built and now support their community. Plus, eating food grown locally will help you get grounded in the midst of traveling.

If the energy is not quite vibing with you, trust that it’s okay to move along to a more harmonious destination.

2. Let Nature Cleanse You

Head into nature and connect with the elements. Watch, listen and learn what the natural world wants to share.

Breathe in the healing air. Walk barefoot to connect with the earth’s stabilizing and abundant energy.

Bathe in a natural spring, lake or river to receive healing, purifying and regenerative blessings from fresh water and allow the heat of the sun to carry you forward through your deeply transformational journey.

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3. Be Where You Are

Flat tires, lost wallets, misunderstandings with travel buddies; these things happen.

While not fun, especially when we’re away from familiar resources that help us “take control,” what can appear to be roadblocks are extremely potent times for practicing presence.

View the discomfort as an invitation to be mindful. Stay curious, observe yourself and keep breathing.

Trust that you’ll get through it and, when you do, you may notice that these moments become some of your fondest memories from the trip.

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Of course, joyful times, and those in between the highs and lows, are also opportunities to practice presence. Funny enough, staying mindful when things are going well can be easier after you’ve done so through the darker times.

4. Look for Signs

Planning is great AND some of the most beautiful experiences can happen from remaining open to clues and invitations from the universe.

Tune into your sixth sense and be aware of hints provided through dreams, synchronicities, angel numbers and animal spirits as you go. They’ll help guide you along your path.

Always be wise and listen to your gut to ensure your safety. While flexibility is encouraged, healthy boundaries are essential!

5. Collect Symbolic Artifacts

Collect items that you can add to your altar or incorporate into your daily rituals once you’re back at home.

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Chose things that will serve as a reminder of lessons learned and laughs shared along your journey.

Our favorite travel treasures are things like handmade mugs, essential oils made with the local flora and fauna, and crystals mined from the land and purchased in a local shop.

Remember to be respectful of the earth’s fragile ecosystem and leave nature where you found it.

6. Pack Spiritual Supplies

While preparing for your adventure, don’t forget to pack a natural first aid kit for your physical and energetic wellness.

Bring along the necessary herbal supplements, balms, tinctures and teas to support your body's immune system and soothe the inevitable bumps and bruises.

Then add in your essential oils, crystals, palo santo, tarot cards and gratitude journal to keep your spirits high and protect you from negative vibes while away from home.

For a few of our favorite sacred journey supplies check out our Goddess on the Go Box which was inspired by our recent travels through the US Pacific Northwest.

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