6 Evening Rituals to Sleep Like a Goddess

To help you prepare for restful sleep and the sweetest of dreams, Cassie Uhl, founder of Zenned Out, shares her favorite evening rituals to perform under the moonlight.

Welcome, Cassie!
Photo by Cassie Uhl
Photo by Cassie Uhl

You meditate, practice yoga and fuel your body with nourishing foods, yet your mind starts racing as soon as it hits the pillow... Sound familiar?

You’re not alone if you do suffer from sleepless nights. Did you know that 1 in 3 people suffer from some kind of insomnia and that it is more prevalent in women?

If you suffer from regular insomnia, occasional sleepless nights, or just want to deepen the sleep you’re currently getting, I’ve got 6 simple rituals that can help you improve your sleep and get more of it.

Give your pineal gland a rest

Your pineal gland is a tiny, rice-sized gland tucked inside of your brain. It is part of your endocrine system, it releases melatonin, and is responsible for maintaining your circadian rhythm. The key words here are melatonin and circadian rhythm, both are essential for quality sleep. So how do you give your pineal gland a rest?

Ritual #1 - Regular Meditation:
Your meditation practice goes beyond mindfulness and also directly correlates to the health of your pineal gland. That means your morning meditation ritual goes beyond peace of mind throughout the day and can actually help you get better sleep at night too.

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Ritual #2 - Nighttime Darkness Ritual:
To help your pineal gland out at night, try minimizing light pollution in your room. Your pineal gland controls your circadian rhythm and it loves real, total darkness at night. Try shutting out all light from the outdoors, and any inside lights to give you some pre-sleep time in a light free space.

Grab some moonstone

Moonstone is a necessity for any Goddess' crystal collection. Moonstone is prized for its connection with the moon and femininity and comes with a variety of benefits including inspiring rest, relaxation and lucid dreams. It calms and soothes, can help with your intuition and some even use it to help prevent sleepwalking! Here are a couple of ways to incorporate moonstone into your evening rituals to help you get a solid night of sleep.

Ritual #3 - Moonstone Crystals:
Place a moonstone under your pillow or on your nightstand to inspire deep sleep and lucid dreams.

Ritual #4 - Moonstone Elixir:
Create a moonstone elixir to drink at bedtime. Soak a few cleansed chunks of moonstone in filtered water during the day, or even better, under the light of a full moon for a night. Remove the stones from your cup. Your water is now infused with the moonstone and ready to be consumed.

Photo by Cassie Uhl

Breathe in some lavender

If you’d like to tame your overactive mind at bedtime this tip is for you. Lavender is queen when it comes to soothing scents. Pair lavender with a breathing exercise and you’ll be snoozing in no time. Smelling lavender can help bring your thoughts into conscious control, leaving you with a soothed and ordered mind, primed for sleep. Here are a couple of ways to use lavender before bed.

Ritual #5 - Lavender Baths:
Draw a bath and add 8 drops of lavender oil. Focus on your breath and allow your inhales and exhales to match each other in length.

Ritual #6 - Lavender + Pranayama in Bed:
Using your Essential Oil Chakra Stone from the Goddess Provisions Unicorn Box, rub lavender oil on it and place on your nightstand. Sitting up in bed, choose a soothing breathing exercise like alternate nostril breathing or Ujayi breath. Bonus, if you’re a snorer, Ujayi breath can help diminish snoring too! If you don’t have a chakra stone you can also put lavender in a diffuser or use a carrier oil like jojoba oil to rub some on your chest.

Photo by Cassie Uhl

Choose one or all of these rest inducing rituals so you can get the sleep you need to wake up fully restored and ready to tackle all of your Goddess goals!

For inspiring these rituals and her Zenned Out creations, we're grateful to Cassie, her open-minded, astrology-obsessed grandmother and her father who took Cassie and her sister stargazing in the wee hours of the night.

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