Six Tips to Energize the Lower Chakras

When in balance, the three lower chakras enable us to be powerhouses of security, self worth and self confidence.

That's why we packed the Get Rooted Box (SOLD OUT) with supplies to help you feel embodied and grounded in your root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

In addition, here are six simple strategies you can play with to energize your lower chakras:

1. Go Barefoot

Take off your shoes and walk upon the earth as though you were a child again. Listen to your breath, walk slowly and feel your feet on the ground.

This simple act will harmonize your energy with the earth's to ground your mind, body and soul.

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2. Dance

To begin, do a quick scan from head to toe and check in with your body. Where do you feel tight or tense? What are you holding that needs to be let go?

Come home to your breath and let your inner rhythm guide you. Dancing has the power to dispel negativity, boost creativity and fire up your confidence.

Here's some sweet music to move you from the super goddess, RENAE (+ get a free download here:

3. Self-Massage

Pamper yourself with a foot massage or ask a loved one to treat you like the Goddess that you are to fuels embodiment and passion.

Start with a mineral foot bath to set the mood and apply a grounding massage balm (you can find these two items in our Get Rooted Box (SOLD OUT).

Massage your feet strongly to increase blood flow, energy and sensation throughout your lower body. While massaging, align with your intentions for healing and repeat a mantra such as “I am safe, I am home, I am held.”


4. Pranayama (Breath Work)

Practice generating and releasing energy with breathing practices like Breathe of Fire. Breathe of fire activates the solar plexus (the chakra of personal power), releases toxins from the body, and increases vital strength.

5. Womb Meditation

Take a moment to connect with your womb and explore what tensions and emotions are being held there. Take ten or more breaths as you send healing energy to your womb and visualize bright light filling your vessel. The womb is the gateway of creation. This simple womb meditation will connect you to your feminine power, sensuality, intuition and self worth.

6. Eat Grounding Foods

Food is medicine. Get rooted with plants that take root like carrots, potatoes, beets and parsnips. Dandelion root tea is also a lovely ritual for connecting with mother earth and the peace of being in your body.

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