Commune with Goddess Kali

To fully embrace the theme for our July 2019 Box, Fire of Transformation, we have Krystal Aranyani here to illuminate the truth about Goddess Kali and guide us to draw out her transformative messages with a beautiful ritual.

Welcome, Krystal~

Kali Ma, The Dark Goddess, The Great Mother, comes to us with many names but one fierce vibration. She is the ultimate form of liberation and destruction. This is not destruction in a negative sense, but destruction of limiting beliefs, of the ego and of all that no longer serves our highest good in this existence.

She is Time (Kala) itself and the timeless. With her naked body, wild knotted hair, tongue sticking out and a severed head in her hand, she is the most ferocious form of Shakti. The head represents the ego in Hinduism; she is the slayer of all attachments, suffering, fears and ego desires.

Find this red agate slice that's laser-etched with Goddess Kali in the July Fire of Transformation Box.

Kali is a powerful Goddess to work with, she isn't for the fainthearted. She will bring forth what you have hidden in the shadows so it can be destroyed once and for all. Kali doesn't protect us from the way things really are.

She isn't the mother to keep us safe, guarded or comfortable, but rather the one to reveal to us our truth and what needs to be shed to come back to it. What must be destroyed in order to live in liberation and the highest states of bliss. On the other end of our fears and limited beliefs awaits true freedom and happiness.

In the following practice we meditate on our inner Kali, allowing her to rise out of the shadows and share with us her message.

When we see the Gods and Goddesses they aren't figures outside of ourselves but rather frequencies already within us that we just have to tune into to hear.

By remembering the Goddess within we are awakening her. You may want to spend more time on the meditation than is practiced in the video.

Kali Mantra

Om Kreem Kalikaye Namah

Krystal Aranyani is an international Tantra Yoga Teacher, Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Empowerment Coach.

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