How to Use a Pendulum to Find Out What You Truly Desire

Pendulum magic by RitualCravt.

Have a burning question about a choice you need to make, what you really want or how you really feel? Pendulums are remarkable tools that help you draw clear insights from your higher self.

To help you tap into your intuition for guidance and inspiration, we included a gorgeous crystal pendulum in our January 2016 Goddess Provisions Box (amethyst & garnet or a surprise stone) and have provided some step-by-step instructions for how to start using a pendulum below.

**First, cleanse your crystal.** Crystals store huge amounts of information so, before you ask it to reveal hidden information about you, be sure to clear your pendulum by charging it in the sun for 24 hours or cleansing it with a sage stick, palo santo stick or incense.

Then, tune your pendulum to your vibration with these 5 steps:

  1. Create the connection with your pendulum by taking 3 deep breaths to come into your body and the present moment.
  2. Hold the pendulum with your receiving (non-dominant) hand at the top of the chain with the crystal dangling straight down. Use your other hand help the pendulum come to complete stillness.
  3. Channel your “YES!” Feel into the experience of a strong feeling of YES! and observe any movement in your pendulum. The movement can vary, it might spin in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, it may swing back and forth or side to side, or it could hover to one side of your receiving hand. Take a mental note of what you’re noticing and remember that this is what your yes looks like.
  4. Bring your pendulum to stillness again with your dominant hand.
  5. Channel your “NO!” and observe the movement. Remember how your “no” presents itself through your pendulum.

Now that you know how to listen to your pendulum, have a conversation.

Ask yourself yes or no questions then watch, listen and learn how you really feel.

Pendulums can also be used in a myriad of ways including checking the energy of a crystal grid or the balance of the chakra system as well as in unison with ouija boards and pendulum charts, just to name a few.

We’d love to hear about your experience working with pendulums. What’s your favorite method? What insights have you discovered? Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat and dish!