How to Make a Crystal Grid

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Crystal grids are one of our favorite tools for amplifying intentions and calling in what we want to manifest.

Placing crystals in a sacred geometrical pattern helps to activate and enhance their energies and creating a crystal grid is a wonderfully meditative practice in itself.

Here are step-by-step instructions for creating your own crystal grid:

Clear the space

  1. Find a space for your crystal grid. If possible, pick a place where your grid can live for a few weeks.

  2. If you have one, lay out a crystal grid mat or cloth. If you don't have a mat that's totally ok. We included a Flower of Life mat in our December Sacred Celebration Box (sold out) and will likely feature another grid in an upcoming monthly box.

  3. Cleanse your sacred space with a smudge stick, singing bowls or by chanting OM three times.

  4. Set a meditative mood with candles, music, incense, or whatever your heart desires.

Set your intention

  1. Write your intention or the name of the person you want to send healing energy to on a piece of paper. Fold the paper into a small square and place in the center of the grid.

  2. Hold your crystals in your palm. Tune into their energy and ask them to help charge your intention.

Create your grid

  1. Start by placing the largest crystal, or the crystal you feel has the right energy, over the piece of paper in the middle of your grid. The centerpiece should carry a strong resonant energy to help ground your intention.

  2. Fill in the rest of the grid as you please. Listen to the stones and listen to your intuition. You’ll know where they want to go.

  3. When your crystals are placed, charge your grid by gliding your hand (or a crystal point) clockwise over each stone to unify their distinct energies in support of the realization of your intention.

  4. To come out of the practice, visualize your intention coming true and give thanks to your crystals.

Sacred Celebration Box

Keep your crystal grid around for as long as necessary to remind yourself of your intention and give it energy. We typically keep our grids until the manifestation has come to fruition.

Now that you know how to make a crystal grid, you can make them with different stones for any positive intention.

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