How to Feel Like a Faerie

As a human, you have a natural ability to connect with the faerie world through your senses and, therefore, to feel like a faerie yourself.

Let's give it a try!

Bring to mind an image of your favorite flower.

Now imagine that you are that flower, unfurling your petals as you open to receive the nourishing energy of the sun and the tender love of butterflies and bees who come to you for your sweet nectar.

With your petals open in full bloom you are unashamed and uninhibited about sharing your beauty with the world.

You are fully open to receiving without any hint of embarrassment or unworthiness.

You are wild. You are beautiful.

You are free to be the fullest fruition of what you are meant to be.

This is a taste of what it can be like to feel like a faerie.

By regularly tapping into this experience, you can bring more of the magic of the faerie world into your everyday life.

Three keys to connecting with the faerie world and learning how to feel like a faerie:

1. Ask Questions

Questions are the keys that open the portal between worlds. You can ask fairies anything.

2. Trust your Imagination

Answers to your questions won't necessarily come the way you would receive an answer from a human. This is why you must trust your imagination, for once you’ve opened the portal between the worlds, your imagination is the way you communicate and navigate in the faerie dimension.

3. Have Pure Intentions & An Open Heart

Last, but not least, you must have pure intentions. For many years humans have approached fairies with the intention of taking from them or the expectation that the fairies will give them something that they want.

You can imagine that if someone were always coming to you asking for things without ever giving back, that you’d grow tired of that relationship, right?!

It’s the same with fairies. You are cultivating a relationship with the faerie world, and it’s essential to treat it like any relationship. You give, and you receive. Come at this with an open heart and pure intentions, and you will be richly rewarded with a long and beautiful connection with the faerie world.

Two Rituals to Commune with Faeries:

1. Do a Faerie Connection Meditation:

To help you tune into the subtle vibrations of the faerie world I suggest working with a flower essence, like the Forest Faerie Synergy from Biolumenessence that's in the February Goddess Provisions Box (SOLD OUT).

Once you feel resonate, close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and ask for the faeries who are willing to connect with you to come forward. Thank them for their trust in you.

Exhale, and allow yourself to release any tension you are carrying in your body.

On your next breath in ask, “How does it feel to be a faerie?”

As you exhale, allow yourself to notice sensations that show up, no matter how subtle or silly they may seem. This could include emotions, physical sensations, thoughts, or even visions and sounds!

These subtle sensations ARE direct answers from the fairies.

As you sit with a curious awareness of what’s showing up, you can play with this and take it further.

Imagine a big volume dial, and when you turn up this dial in your inner vision, the “volume” of your sensations about how it feels to be a faerie will turn up!

You can also ask the fairies for a clear sign in your normal, waking life that confirms that what you are experiencing here IS real! When the sign shows up, acknowledge it and thank the fairies!

2. Make an Offering:

When you’re ready and willing to give back to the fairies, ask them what you can do for them. How can you give back to them or help them with their purpose? Notice any answers or impulses that show up. Take notes, and then take action!

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If you don’t get a clear answer on how you can give back to the fairies, you can never go wrong with making offerings.

Offerings don’t have to be complicated or fancy. As long as you make offerings with pure intentions and give without expectation of receiving anything in return, the fairies will appreciate your efforts.

Fairies love offerings of food, incense, and acts of service. You can do things like:

  • Make a little plate of treats and set it on an altar or out in the wild.
  • Light your favorite candle or incense and dedicate it to the fairies.
  • Go on a walk in your neighborhood or favorite nature spot and pick up trash as a way to show the fairies you care.

    Over time, as you practice these rituals, you will forge an incredibly beautiful and clear connection with the faerie realms in ways that will help you realize your faerie feelings and bring your true life’s purpose to fruition.


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    For showing us how to embody that faerie feeling, a huge thank you to our guest writer Natalie Ross!

    Natalie is a former soil scientist who speaks with the fairies nearly every day and produces two spirit-guided podcasts: Dream Freedom Beauty and Self Care Club. Her podcasts help intuitives, empaths, and healers know they aren’t alone in the world and to bring their deepest desires to fruition through cultivating their innate abilities beyond the logical mind.

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