The Significance of the Flower Moon

For thousands of years, humans have used moon cycles as a way to keep track of the seasons.

By naming each full moon, native tribes have been able to label and communicate the optimal times for annual activities like planting or harvesting their crops.

As the moon becomes full, on May 10, 2017 at 5:43pm EST, it will become the Flower Moon which represents the time of year when temperatures rise, fertility increases and flowers bloom in the Northern Hemisphere.

Since flowers universally symbolize things like love, birth, growth and connection, we agree that ‘Flower’ is the perfect label for this full moon.

Knowing that full moons are opportune times to party with friends and loved ones, this full moon in Scorpio adds another layer of passion and emotional intensity to the fire.

With sensual energy at a peak, you may notice a desire to spend time taking care of your friends, exploring new depths with your significant other or indulging in some serious self-care.

In the midst of all this 'excitement' make a point to do more of what keeps you centered so you'll be able to listen to your intuition and communicate in a cool and calm manner.

To keep you flowing in harmony with the rhythms of the moon, we’ve packed the Moon Goddess Box with lunar loving goodies fit for a Goddess. The deadline to order this box is May 17th at 7pm EST, so move that booty!

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