5 Ways to Connect with the Egyptian Goddesses

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To help you go deeper into this month's theme, we're blessed to have Syma Kharal, founder of Flourishing Goddess, here to share five beautiful rituals to help you connect with the Egyptian Goddesses.

(Image Copyright Syma Kharal, used with permission)

The Goddesses of ancient Egypt offer us modern women timeless wisdom on how to live fully from our Sacred Feminine power.

While there are hundreds of Egyptian Goddesses that can inspire us with their myths and gifts, below are five prominent ones that can bring more feminine magic into your daily life. I have also included their sacred oils and crystals if you wish to include them in your rituals.

Awaken Your Intuition with Goddess Isis

As “Goddess of Ten Thousand Names,” Isis is the All-Goddess who embodies every aspect of the Divine Feminine and womanhood. She is the revered queen, beloved wife, devoted mother, empowering leader, and powerful healer and magician.

Isis made the impossible possible through the power of her love and her sacred tools of heka (magic) and hesi (words of power/chants). She teaches us that as long as we live with love and reverence, we too can thrive in every way and manifest miracles in every part of our lives.

Isis Ritual:

Create sacred space for yourself where you can meditate, pray, and connect with your spirit on a daily basis, even if it’s just for two minutes.

Clear a small nook where you will have privacy. Adorn your sanctuary with a beautiful altar cloth. On it, place any items that help you connect with the Divine in a physical way, such as crystals, essential oils, a picture or figurine of the Goddess, candles, flowers, incense, sage, a singing bowl, oracle cards, etc.  

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Since Isis loves ceremony, use a combination of your altar items with her spiritual tools of meditation, visualization, prayer, mantras, and affirmations that resonate with you to create daily rituals that can vary with your intentions. As you explore your magical toolkit every day, you will hone your intuitive gifts, connect more deeply with your soul, and manifest miracles of your own.

Sacred Oils: Lotus, Frankincense, Jasmine

Sacred Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Moonstone

Unleash Your Power with Goddess Sekhmet

Whenever you are in need of courage and strength, summon your inner Warrioress with the ferocious lion-headed Goddess, Sekhmet. As Goddess of war and healing, Sekhmet empowers you to honor your righteous wrath to set clear boundaries. She inspires you to live with fierce grace every single day.

Sekhmet Ritual:

Claim and own your full feminine power by giving yourself permission to unleash your rightful rage in a safe and private space. Whether it’s from minor daily irritations or a major wrongdoing, use Sekhmet’s fiery energy to release and transmute your pent-up anger so you can be free and empowered.

Play some primal music and begin to shake and dance vigorously. Pant like a lioness, sticking your tongue out and making a “haaaaa” sound with each exhale. Think of the situation that has triggered your rage, and keep releasing its energy through your a warrioress dance.

Once you feel the release, slowly come to standing and place your hands on your solar plexus chakra (your stomach). Imagine a golden ball of light glowing in your center and the strength of the lioness roaring through you. This situation has no power over you anymore, and you are free to move forward with the courage of Warrioress.

Sacred Oils: Ginger, Royal Amber, Juniper

Sacred Crystals: Citrine, Amber, Tiger’s Eye

Activate Your Pleasure with Goddess Hathor

As Goddess of love, beauty, sacred sexuality, and womb wisdom, Hathor brings you the sweet gifts of pleasure and joy in all their forms. As governess of the sacral chakra (womb), she loves rituals that help you relish in the delights of your body, which is her path to delighting your soul.

Hathor Ritual:

As a wombyn, you are the embodiment of the Goddess, and your body is her sacred temple. Honor the beauty and sanctity of your body temple with sacred pampering.

Treat yourself to or make your own luxurious Goddess body oils, butters, scrubs, soaps, or bath soaks. If you prefer showers, use a delectably scented body scrub to exfoliate your body, starting from your feet and working upwards towards your heart. If you enjoy baths, pour essential oils, flower petals, and sea salts in your Goddess bath.

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Follow by slowly massaging yourself with sensuous body oil. Anoint yourself with essential oils or perfumes, and adorn yourself with clothes and accessories that you love. Look in the mirror, and see yourself through Hathor’s eyes: with love and beauty.

Sacred Oils: Rose, Myrrh, Ylang Ylang

Sacred Crystals: Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Emerald

Embrace Your Shadow with Goddess Nephthys

Nephthys is the Goddess of the underworld, shadow work, transformation, healing, grief, psychic protection, dreams, and the subconscious. She offers you the gift of going inward to face the deepest, darkest parts of your psyche, so you may heal yourself into wholeness.

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Nephthys' Ritual:

Nephthys’ work is deep but gentle, as she wants you to nourish yourself into healing. A simple but powerful way to receive her gifts is through journaling, as writing can help you access your unconscious.

As she rules the night, her evening ritual inspiration is to start with a cozy cup of herbal tea (a blend with soothing chamomile is ideal). Wrap yourself in a warm shawl or blanket. Light a candle. Then begin to write whatever you are feeling without censoring yourself in any way. To really honor your wounds, you may even give them a voice by writing, “My pain says…” and then let the words flow. If tears come, let them flow too. This ritual will help you face and honor your true emotions, bringing you catharsis and deeper self-awareness.  

You can close each entry by writing a prayer of surrender, such as, “I ask that everything I expressed be healed and transformed by Divine light and love during my sleep tonight.”

Sacred Oils: Lavender, Chamomile, Vetiver

Sacred Crystals: Sapphire, Smokey Quartz, Black Obsidian

Honor Your Truth with Goddess Maat

Maat is the Egyptian Goddess of divine truth, integrity, order, balance, justice, and fairness. She is the primordial essence of harmony through all of creation. In ancient Egyptian religion, she would place a deceased person’s heart on a scale against a white feather to measure its heaviness. She inspires us to live our earthly lives in alignment with our souls, so that our hearts may be light and free.

Maat Ritual:

For this guided meditation, it would be lovely if you could find a white feather in nature and hold it during your ritual. If not, your imagination will work just as well.

Sit in a comfortable seated position in your sacred space. Closing your eyes, imagine you’re entering a holy chamber inside an ancient Egyptian temple. You are greeted by the beautiful Goddess Maat, who stands regally as she holds her scales. She asks that you offer the soul of your heart, and you reach within and place it on her scale.

You both witness if your heart is heavier or lighter than her white feather. If it is heavy, Maat shares with you the truth of what is burdening it. It could be resentment, judgment, guilt, envy, unforgiveness, anger, or pain. She does not judge and asks that neither do you.

She asks if you are willing to bless and release all this heaviness. If you are, she places her free hand over it and shines divine white light through your heart, until it becomes lighter than the feather. She places your heart back into your chest and asks that you continue to keep it light by replacing everything you released with grace, love, truth, integrity, forgiveness, and compassion.

Sacred Oils: Sandalwood, Rosemary, Patchouli

Sacred Crystals: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite

While these rituals are intended to activate the powers of each Goddess within you, you can adjust each practice in any way that works better for you. And you can connect with the Egyptian Goddesses in any other way that inspires you. For any and every Goddess is unleashed through whatever honors and delights your own body, mind, heart, and soul.

For sharing this incredible wisdom, prayers and praise to Syma Kharal, Sacred Feminine coach, healer, #1 bestselling author of “Goddess Reclaimed” and founder of Flourishing Goddess.

(Image Copyright Syma Kharal, used with permission).

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