What This Eclipse Season has to Teach Us

Eclipses are said to be portals. Touchstone points for lessons that will color our experiences while they hold celestial court overhead.

From an astrological perspective, the beginning of a fresh eclipse season signifies a new set of classes being called to session, an activation of a new lens to look through.

From an astronomical perspective, these events engage our home planet of Earth in exact alignment with our two most influential planetary bodies: the Sun and the Moon. Solar Eclipses dazzle us when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, seeming to cover over the Sun’s light. Lunar Eclipses enchant the nighttime skies when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon.

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th heralds in a fresh batch of eclipses that will be our karmic touch points from now through December of 2021, and happen along the Gemini - Sagittarius axis.

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The previous eclipse series (which began in 2018 and will wrap up next month), focused on the lessons of Cancer (safety) and Capricorn (authority). With a rather ruthless approach, this cosmic curriculum shone a light on the importance of sovereignty, self-care and the dismantling of oppressive systems that seek to impede those means of individual empowerment.

As we shift the karmic dial into the lessons of Gemini & Sagittarius, themes of curiosity, inquisitiveness, adventure and philosophy abound. This initial Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius acts as a releasing, a mighty moment of purging the soul from heaviness accumulated through the previous eclipse series. This is the beginning of a new narrative, but each beginning is brought by the end of something else.

Here are the dates for the upcoming Gemini & Sagittarius Eclipses:

Lunar Eclipse ♐️: June 5, 2020

Lunar Eclipse ♊️: November 30, 2020

Solar Eclipse ♐️: December 14, 2020

Lunar Eclipse ♐️: May 26, 2021

Solar Eclipse ♊️: June 10, 2021

Solar Eclipse ♐️: December 3, 2021

Happening alongside the eclipse, we see Mars and Neptune in a loose conjunction, infusing this initiation with creative drive channeled from the dreamworld. Visions of the new world we wish to see manifest, also arrive with the ambition to act.

We’re in the midst of Venus’ Retrograde through Gemini as well, and at this time we find her snuggled up next to the Sun in a conjunction. Here we’re reminded of the importance of pulling back from looking outside ourselves for care, comfort and affirmation, and redirecting the warmth of our heart’s fire towards ourselves.

We’re in for a whole new eclipse experience that begins now. Take note of the themes that begin arising around this time, and continue to check in with them as we progress through the lessons leveraged with the Moon’s nodes transiting through Gemini and Sagittarius.

Journaling is a potent way to process our experiences, and can provide insightful hints to the lessons we’re navigating.

Consider using the following journal prompts to help you release the lessons from Cancer & Capricorn and prepare for the upcoming new lessons from Gemini & Sagittarius Eclipses:

  1. Looking back at my experience from the summer of 2018 until now, what areas of my life have seen the most growth and change? Are there any particular repeating themes that were present?
  2. What activities in my life bring me the most joy, openness and/or excitement? What is one step I can take to make space in my life for more of these?
  3. Where in my life do I by-pass feeling difficult emotions?
  4. Am I generally energized, or more often depleted when I spend a lot of time socializing with others? Who are the people I am energized around? Who are the people I feel depleted around?
  5. What are some so-called “contradictions” about myself that make me who I am? In what ways can I work to unite these seemingly opposing pieces of myself?

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A Goddess of all trades, Em Dewey is our in-house Astrologer who writes our Monthly Moon Wisdom Guidebooks where she shines a light on how to align with the cosmic energies throughout each moon cycle. Em is also the Creatress and self-appointed Head Witch at Garden of the Moon, where she offers lunar-aligned Cycle Support Kits through herbal teas & flower essences.