This Dry Brush Belongs in Your Wellness Toolkit

We've all been there, on the verge of getting sick after overindulging or runnin' on overdrive for too long.

Like that time when I moved cross country during the height of COVID... Of course, I waited to pack my whole life up until there were only 72 hours left before hittin' the road. Still juggling work, running last-minute errands, and orchestrating social-distanced goodbyes, my mind was whirling. And if that wasn't enough, enter the gut-wrenching period cramps!

Imagine dealing with all this. You're spent. And now you have to drive a compact SUV 30-hours west while towing 1,800 lbs of your most prized possessions. By the time you arrive, you’ve morphed into one stressed-out, exhausted Goddess!

Luckily, dry skin brushing is a great remedy when we get out of sync with our inner radiance. After 3 days of dry brushing, ya girl was back in balance and settling into my new home, sweet, home.

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing (or Garshana - a classic Ayurvedic massage)

  • Boosts the immune system & supports detoxification through lymph stimulation
  • Exfoliates dead skin & clears blocked pores
  • Improves circulation
  • Energizes body & mind by increasing electromagnetic energy
  • Soothes stress & calms the nervous system
  • Eases muscular tension
  • Boosts collagen & slows aging skin
  • Reduces cellulite & keratosis pilaris (bumpy arms)

On my best days, my morning ritual starts with a glass of warm lemon water following by this invigorating self-massage.

Give it a try. You're going to love it!

With a happy immune system and exfoliated skin, you'll feel like a Goddess - glowing from the inside out.

First, you'll need a dry brush with firm bristles. Look for something like this vegan brush that's in our July 2020 Desert Visions Box (SOLD OUT). It's made with birchwood and cactus plant bristles and has a sweet li'l mantra etched on top!

How to:

Then, dive in with this step-by-step guide, or follow the video below. Soon the flow will become second nature, like checking your social feed. ;)

  1. Start at your belly with clockwise circles.
  2. Move up to your chest. Focus on your armpits first with gentle circles in each direction.
  3. Make 3-5 strokes from your heart above the breast tissue towards your armpit. Follow with 3-5 strokes from your heart below the breast tissue to your armpit.
  4. Next, brush each arm. Use small circles over your joints and long strokes from fingers up to your armpit. Go all the way around the arm.
  5. In front of your torso, start at your sternum brush along the rib cage to the side and then up to your armpit in an L shape. Get both sides.
  6. Now, reach to the back of your torso as far as you can towards your spine. Brush along your rib cage to your side and then up. Do both sides.
  7. Brush all the way around your waist, from your waistline down towards your hips and glutes.
  8. Moving to your lower body. Make small circles over your groin on the left & right.
  9. Next, brush each leg. Use gentle circles to massage the joints and long brush strokes from your foot up to your hips.

10.  Finish with your buns. Brush from your sacrum around your hip to the groin.

11.   Stop and notice: Can you see a difference in your skin due to increased circulation? Can your skin breathe better? Are you more energized? How's your mood?

See, I told you you'd love it!

Pro tips:

  • Start by adding this 10-15 minute routine into your morning ritual 1-2x a week. More often as needed. Always, listen to your body and what it needs.
  • Make 3-5 strokes in the same part of your body with loving intention.
  • Massage in circular motions over your joints.
  • Avoid sensitive areas with varicose veins, open wounds/cuts, rashes, or infections.
  • Spend extra time lovin' on your cellulite. While I see cellulite as a badge of Goddess-honor, it can block lymph flow so it's a good idea to pay it some special attention.
  • Stand in front of a mirror and appreciate the view. You're magic!
  • Swap out the dry brush for a Rose Quartz Gua Sha to receive the same benefits for your gorgeous face.
  • Enhance your Ayurvedic ritual by following up on your Garshana routine with Abhyanga. This is a massage that uses warm, dosha-specific oil to nourish the skin and nervous system. Every once in a blue moon, I save my pennies and splurge on an Ayurvedic spa treatment in the hands of a professional. It’s like heaven!

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