Communing with Desert Magic

For ages, the desert has drawn in prophets, pilgrims, artists, and seekers. The vast open landscape naturally provides therapeutic and spiritual benefits that easily put our minds in a state of retreat.

Here are a few simple ways to connect and commune with the magic of the desert.

1. Cleanse + Reset.

The raw beauty of the desert has a way of sparking inspiration. This landscape's magical energy can help to clear and reset the body in a way that is unlike anywhere else.

If you’re finding yourself stuck in a rut, or looking to invite in a new cycle in your life, a trip to the desert could be just the medicine you seek. A cleansing of the body and mind is basically a guarantee in the absence of stimulation and noise

2. Wildcrafting + Medicine Making.

The native desert flora can have an enchanting effect. It was her move to a high desert ranch in Southern California four years ago that inspired Stephanie to birth Chiky Botanica.

Like the High Desert Wildcrafted Roll-On Oil featured in the Goddess Provisions July Box (SOLD OUT), many of the products in the Chiky Botanica collection are crafted with plants hand harvested from the land Stephanie lives on. This enchanting oil blend is made from white sage, purple sage, yerba santa, sagebrush & mugwort.

Wildcrafting (harvesting plants from the wild) botanicals is a beautiful way to commune with land, and a lovely way to encapsulate special places that we hold near to our hearts. When doing so, it is of utmost importance to practice ethical wildcrafting practices.

Ethical Wildcrafting Practices:

  • Always ask permission from the plant before harvesting
  • Create a relationship with the plant and take a moment to tune in and listen and see if that particular plant wants to be harvested.
  • Only harvest from abundant stands.
  • Gather in small and thoughtful numbers.
  • Be mindful and aware of plants that are endangered or threatened.
  • Be comfortable going home with an empty basket.
  • Always, always, always express gratitude to the plant.*

*One way to say thank you is to give a tobacco offering. In Native American tradition, tobacco is offered to the spirits as a gratitude offering, and as a way to show respect. This ritual reminds us of our place within the web of life. Before harvesting a plant, put a little pinch of tobacco leaf in your hand and offer it to the plant while taking a moment to connect with what you are grateful for.

How To:

It is your choice as to how you would like to make medicine with your collection of wildcrafted botanicals. Sun teas, tinctures, smudge blends, honey, oils… the sky's the limit.

To make a simple oil infusion, pour the oil of your choice (I personally love organic jojoba and sunflower oil) over the botanicals and infuse in a jar for 4-6 weeks. Give the oil some love every day by shaking it up - and strain when it is complete.

3. Find Peace + Quiet.

The spacious expanse of the desert is the perfect place to pause and find peace. Creating moments of solitude in our lives helps nourish us within, and in turn, allows us the time and space to replenish and grow.

This practice is as simple as can be: Go to the desert. Breathe. Just be. Ahhhhh.

Big love and thanks to Stephanie for her expertise and magical products. If you'd like to explore more, head over to Chiky Botanica's website  & instagram. Anyone else planning a trip to the desert?

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