How to use Crystals to Activate the Power of Your Yoni

Combining the magic of crystals with the power of your yoni is high level alchemy.

By bridging these two incredibly potent and powerful energies together, you are awakening the Yoniverse.

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First, there are three keys to understanding the power and sacredness the crystal queendom and mineral kingdom:

1. Crystals are living beings.

Yes, living beings with their own consciousness that comes from the earth’s consciousness. When you see all crystals as alive you’ll understand them on a whole new level. You’ll be able to more clearly see who they are, how they are here to help us and what their purpose on the planet is.

2. Crystals are mirrors.

They will mirror our feeling, emotions, mental states and thought forms. They give insight into to your state of being, the good and the bad, so it’s important to be in a clear state of mind when you using your crystals.

To ensure they resonate with the womb, I like to hold a cleansing ritual for all Yoni Crystals to charge and program them with unconditional love and the vibrational frequency of their purest, most natural state.

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3. Crystals are activated by your intention.

The blessing of working with crystals is that they are programmable so they can amplify intentions. You can program an intention into your crystal using communication, sound or even heat.

Crystals (and everything) respond best when we communicate from the heart. The communication goes both ways so it’s important to listen with your heart too.

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Since they are resonators, you can activate your crystal with sound through song or toning. Like us, crystals love to get warm and cozy so you can also activate your crystal by placing it in the sun or in warm water.

Using one or all three of these methods will activate your crystal in a beautiful way.

Now, let’s swan dive into the deep and mysterious world of your yoni and how to activate her power!

With any type of womb wellness ritual or practice it is important to be receptive and truly listen to your body’s needs to understand what is best for you and your yoni. There are many ways to ‘do’ things, rules, yes’s and no’s in the world and it can be difficult to discern what is your truth and know what is in your truest and best interest.

To tune into this and really listen it’s helpful to slow down and give yourself a private, uninterrupted amount of time to go inward. This is sacred time you give to yourself and your yoni. The best wisdom comes from our inner knowing and, yes your yoni knows!

Three keys to understanding the power and sacredness of your yoni (SURPRISE! It's same as with the crystals!):

1. Your yoni is alive.

This one may seem obvious given you are alive, but it’s important to understand that your yoni has her own consciousness. When you see your body and yoni as alive you can begin to take responsibility for the life-giving energy you possess.

Whether you choose to make a family and have babies, make art, build a business, create community or any combination of these things, you are channeling life-force energy into the world as an offering and a gift. You are giving birth to new life.

When you see your yoni as alive you’ll noticed an energetic quality that is uniquely yours. This magic is your birthright.

2. Your yoni is a mirror.

Your body’s intelligence, especially that of the womb, is a brilliant mirror reflecting information back to you. If you listen to her as a being, she’s can be an incredible resourse, helping to clue you in to her (your) state of being.

Similar to the gut check, your yoni is like a beautiful internal feedback loop that can provide deeper insights on, well, everything.

3. Your yoni is activated by your intention.

Again, this can be in the form of communication, sound or heat. Maybe the most obvious aspect to sharing your intentions with your yoni is that it’s literally here to help you birth your intentions into the world.

If you choose to activate your yoni by communicating your intention, simply share from the heart. Remember, the communication lines run both ways. You can activate your yoni with sound through song and toning which is really sweet and fun. Enjoy this exploration! You can treat your yoni to some heat with yoni sun-gazing (nude sunbathing) or steaming.

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I now welcome you to enjoy this practice of using crystals to activate your yoni:

  1. Select your crystal(s) to work with and connect to their energy.
  2. Connect with and tune into your yoni-knowing.
  3. Set an intention.

From there, you can work with your crystal in a number of ways; Place it on your altar, desk or next to your bed, hold it during meditation, use it to charge your water or bath and or insert it directly into your yoni (be sure to only use crystals that are safe for internal use).

Again, the key is to always listen deeply to your body and do what’s right for you when working with these two potent power sources. Give yourself permission to explore and see what magic is there for you to discover!

X's and O's to Chelsey Lehl, crystal therapist, founder of Yoni Crystals and soul sister, for sharing these yoni magic tips as well as her Vesica Pisces Bracelet in our Womb Space Goddess Provisions Box.

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