Open your Crown & Third Eye Chakras with Head Massage

Our Higher Chakra Ascension Box is packed with goodies to help you rise into your higher chakras and connect with the divine.

In addition to working intentionally with the items in this months box, a gentle scalp massage is another beautiful strategy to open your crown and third eye chakra while also nourishing your scalp and strengthening your roots.

We have Paola, owner of Balanced Guru, here to explain the benefits of an intentional scalp massage.

Taking care of your scalp is as important as taking care of your hair. The beauty of your hair is, in part, a result of the health and balance of your scalp and roots.

We tend to take the scalp for granted because there’s nothing flashy or trendy about it. Usually no one sees our scalp so we primarily focus on hair health. Nevertheless, it is the scalp that takes the highest toll in anything we do or don’t do to our hair.

There are different reasons and symptoms for why your scalp may need love and attention. It may be an overload of styling products, it may be environmental reasons such as the weather (too hot and humid might result in oily scalps, while too cold and dry might result in dry and flaky or an undernourished scalp), it could be too much blow drying, chemical treatments, hair coloring, too little shampooing, too much shampooing. The list goes on.

The good news is that regardless of the reasons, you can always give your scalp a break and return it to balance.

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With a nourishing topical treatment and a gentle scalp massage, you can stimulate blood circulation as well as stimulate the crown chakra and third-eye chakras to help relieve stress, improve focus, and enhance meditation.


The crown chakra is located at the top of our head and when balanced we feel connected to our higher self, we enjoy a healthy sense of curiosity, knowledge and it becomes our gateway to the spiritual world.

The third eye involves our intuition, when balanced we are able to listen to our body and quiet the mind. Our bodies are wiser than our minds, and fine tuning our intuition is a practice in itself that will help keep our intentions clear in order to manifest our dreams, and make our goals a reality.

A gentle head massage with some nourishing botanical oil, like the one from Balanced Guru in the March Goddess Provisions Box (SOLD OUT), is a heavenly way to incorporating your inner beauty practice with your outer beauty routine.


How to Open your Crown & Third Eye Chakras with a Head Massage

  1. First prepare your surroundings, sit comfortably, have your scalp treatment, candles, aromatherapy, anything you use to relax on hand (like the items in our Higher Chakra Ascension Box).

  2. Then focus on a couple of affirmations for your higher chakras.

Affirmations for your third eye chakra: “I see all things in clarity”, “I am open to the wisdom within”, “I can manifest my vision”. These are some

Affirmations for your crown chakra: “I am open to new ideas”, “Divinity resides within me”, “Information I need comes to me”, “The world is my teacher”, “I am guided by my higher power” and “I am guided by inner wisdom”.

  1. Start with dry hair (remember there is no rinsing necessary after applying our Nourished Scalp Treatment). You can either part your hair and apply a couple of drops starting from the front of your head towards the back, or only on the area you wish to treat. Likewise, you can apply it spontaneously to different areas of your scalp making sure the dropper touches your skin.

  2. Spread your fingers wide and run them through your hair along your scalp. Close your eyes and slowly but intentionally extend and contract your fingertips. Avoid using fingernails while applying equal pressure across your scalp. Then move your fingertips in a circular motion, massaging in different areas while thinking about your affirmations. Listen to your body and let your fingertips go where they need to go. Remember that your hands are the best healing tool you will ever have.

  3. If you are treating a specific area, for example the scalp near your forehead, we recommend applying the Nourished Scalp Treatment and massaging in front of a mirror so you can be sure to cover all areas that need to be treated and so you can see how immediately it works.

  4. You may use it daily, every two or three days, or once a week; it truly depends on each individual need.

Thank you to Paola for this wisdom on physical and energetic wellness for the scalp.

Balanced Guru creates wholesome products that are certified organic, cruelty-free and sustainable. Knowing that beauty and health starts from within, their products are formulated to benefit and balance not only physical wellness but emotional health as well.

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