How to Connect with your Animal Allies

Wild animal energy is all around us. If we are open to it, we can tap into this energy and make wonderful and insightful personal use of it in our daily lives. It doesn’t have to be complicated either!

Sometimes with spiritual tools it’s common to doubt that we are using them “the right way”. There is no right or wrong way to use the Animal Allies Oracle Cards deck (which you can find in the September 2018 Goddess Provisions Box). Following your intuition is the name of the game with these cards (though I know that can feel intimidating and confusing, especially if you’re new to oracle cards).

That said, here is a simple and effective way to use the cards – and the way I personally use them on a daily basis:

  1. Take a few deep breaths.
  2. Shuffle the cards.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Hold the cards to your heart center in between your palms and ask a question, out loud or within. (Open ended questions like “what am I supposed to know right now?” or “what message does Spirit have for me today?” are a wonderful way to invite messages in.)
  5. Lay the cards face down in a stack.
  6. Cut the deck.
  7. Draw a card.
  8. Who appears? This animal ally has a message for you; it’s up to you to discern its meaning.
  9. Use your intuition. Listen to the answers that come. Trust them.
  10. Use the description included with the deck to deepen your understanding of the animal’s message for you.
  11. To develop your relationship with an animal ally, it can be powerful and insightful to study its wild nature further. How does it behave in its natural surroundings? Where does it live? What does it eat? At what time of day or year is it most active? What is its fur or hide like? How can these qualities inform your own life? Let this type of exploration expand your magical relationship!

May your animal allies show up for you in powerful and potent ways as you create and deepen your relationship with these cards. Wild animals spirits are waiting to assist us in our Earthly endeavors; guidance, support and help are simply a shuffle of the deck away!

Birdsongs of thanks to Jessica Swift, artist & creator of the Animal Allies Oracle Deck, for sharing her intuitive insights here & for creating the gorgeous oracle deck that makes an appearance in the Goddess Provisions Animal Guides Box.

Jessica's colorful creations are designed to make you feel GOOD, to remind you that you’re allowed to trust yourself and follow your intuition, and to inspire you to live your best, most dream-filled life.

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