How to Cleanse Your Aura with Selenite

For a limited time, in our shop you'll find a beautiful piece of Selenite from Fractalista that’s laser etched with the phases of the moon. You can place it on your altar and mark the current moon phase with a small crystal or use it as a wand to cleanse your auric field and other crystals.


We have Andrea Towns, owner of Fractalista, here to describe the many benefits and uses of selenite.

Welcome, Andrea!

Selenite is like no other crystal. This radiant white stone plays with light in the most magical way and stands out against the colorful rainbow of the mineral world.

The way selenite absorbs and purifies light energy makes it one of the most powerful healing crystals. When holding a piece of selenite, it is as though you are holding a piece of Pure White Light.

The way selenite captures and radiates light is mirrored on the metaphysical plane in the way it absorbs and purifies energies. It's no wonder this stone represents cleansing, purity, mental clarity and emotional renewal.

Selenite is useful any time you need to shift, re-set or cleanse your aura as it's excellent at moving and removing stagnant energy. Here are few ways to work with selenite:

  1. Imagine using it like a sponge to soak up trapped emotions in the ethereal body, or like a sword to cut cords of attachment to toxic people, places or habits.
  2. Place your selenite over your third eye or heart chakra in times of stress to absorb, purify and neutralize extreme emotions.
  3. Use as a massage tool as its absorbent nature assists in removing energy blocks that keep muscles tight.
  4. Hold it while resting to promote a calm, peaceful sleep.

Be sure to handled this crystal with the utmost care and respect.

Selenite is one of the softest stones in a collection and must never be carried with other crystals without the protection of a soft bag or cloth.

Not only will other crystals scratch the delicate surface of the selenite stone, but selenite's indiscriminate cleansing abilities can drain that full moon charge right out of your quartz crystals.

It is also water soluble, so selenite should be cleansed with smudging smoke, sunlight, moonlight or prayer instead of running water.

This magical, pearlescent stone is beyond beautiful- it is a powerful and essential asset in any healer’s toolbox!

Thanks to Andrea and Fractalista for shining a light on the magic of selentine and for blessing our November 2018 Goddess Provisions Box (SOLD OUT) with her laser-etched Selenite Hearts.

Andrea Towns founded Fractalista Designs in 2013 with a desire to manifest the magnificence of the ethereal realm into tangible tools. By combining new technology and ancient artifacts her creations express the perfect balance of aesthetic beauty and metaphysical properties.

Fractalista infuses crystals, palo santo and glass with powerful affirmations and sacred geometry to enhance the healing essence of the items and amplify the vibration of the space.

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