How to Cleanse & Charge Your Crystals

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We have Jemma Lee from Charged here to share tips on how to cleanse and charge crystals so they can be supportive tools for manifesting your intentions.

Welcome, Jemma!

Just like you, crystals are natural energy holders. They absorb energy from other elements and the environment around them.

Each time you receive a new gem, it's important to clear any non-harmonious energy that may have been absorbed before it landed in your hands. The purpose of cleansing and charging your crystal is to bring the stone into a pure state.

There are many ways to cleanse and charge your crystals. Like us, each crystal is individually unique.

Try a few different ways to cleanse and charge your crystals and you will recognize that each stone has their own preferences. Find a method that works for you and your crystal.

Once cleansed, you can charge your crystal with an intention!

Think of your crystal as a battery. By charging it with your intention, it will become a powerful tool that emits that specific vibration into the world.

Before you begin, go within to get clear on your needs. This is key to achieving physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

When you feel clear, hold, bury, or place your crystal under one of the elements below. Close your eyes, visualize your intention and let the stone absorb the energy of the element along with your positive thoughts!

Keep in mind that since they're always emitting energy your crystal's energy can become depleted too and will occasionally need to be recharged.

How to Cleanse & Charge Your Crystals


Surround your crystals with natural earth elements (like soil) to infuse it with nurturing earth energy.

Immerse your crystal in a sound bath to reignite the frequencies held within the crystal.

Visualization will set focused intentions into your crystal.

Use sage, palo santo or incense to ward off negativity from your crystals and cleanse them for a new beginning.

Expose your crystals to direct moonlight or sunlight for a deep energy cleansing.

Just as we absorb energy from each other, so do crystals. Surround your crystal with other positively charged crystals to optimize their vibrations.

Salt is the best source used to purify your crystal and remove any lingering negative energy.

Infinite thanks to Jemma Lee from Charged for sharing these crystal cleansing & charging techniques.

Charged is on a mission to provide tools to help you recharge and revive yourself during your journey of self-care, healing, and wellness.

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