The Art of Devotion

To help us dive deeper into our Fire of Transformation Box, Mala Prayer is here to explain how devotion can be a powerful tool for transformation below.

Devotion can mean many things for many people. It’s a personal choice and set of values that drive you toward your purpose.

With consistent engagement, wearing reminders, and voicing your devotion, you’ll start to see a transformation in your life. However big or small, here are a few ways we like to stay committed and driven to sparking the magic of devotion!

1. Do it daily

Express your devotions ongoing, with a daily mantra.

There’s something special about that little time you treat yourself to checking in with yourself, your values, and the part of yourself that you keep committed to something.

Write these little devotions down, remind yourself, and take kind steps forward in following them.

Our favorite mantras of the moment are:        

  • Surround yourself with the things you love, discard the rest.    
  • Visualize your highest self. Start showing up as that everyday.    
  • Protect your peace, get rid of toxicity, cleanse your space, cultivate love.

Or you may love the Goddess Provisions mantra for July 2019:

  • From flames into ash, to rise once again, I trust in the fires of transformation to remove ego & create space for truth.

2. Wear your devotions

Some might wear their hearts on their sleeve, and others might literally wear their words.

In the July 2019 Goddess Provisions Box you will find a Mala Prayer Bhakti (Devotion) Sanskrit necklace so you can do just that.

This piece is created with love and intent, for you to share your truth with the world. Bhakti is derived from the word Bhakta - which means a person who is attached or loyal to someone, a worshipper, devotee, adorer or faithful attendant.

Wear this necklace as a talismanic reminder to surrender to the flame that burns brightly from within.

3. Voice and share your devotions

Reaffirm your devotions with the release of your voice and energy! Sound makes energy manifest. You can see this in water when vibrations create patterns and shapes in the physical word.

Amplify the power of your devotions with daily mantras, repeated through chant and vibration. Chanting these mantras in your practice will elicit personal power and confidence to attain your goals.

Celebrate your devotions, and best of luck!

Thank you to the beautiful souls at Mala Prayer for sharing this guidance and the Bhakti Sanskrit necklace in our July Goddess Provisions Box.

Mala Prayer creates hand made, high-quality Mala Bead Necklaces, Bracelets, and wellness items, while following their mission of empowering women around the world.

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