The Best Ingredients for You (and the Earth)

Wouldn’t you like to pamper yourself and the earth at the same time?

When trying to find products that are good for us and Mama Earth, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with labels like Non-GMO, Wild-Crafted, Organic, and 100% Natural. We know! So we’re breaking it down for you here.

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We often overlook the significance of certain certifications but these labels weave a rich story in which brands (and the people behind them) have worked tirelessly to source ingredients that are better for our health and the health of our planet.

These brands are not only putting in extra effort, they’re funneling dollars into certifications that make it easy for us to know and trust that their products are non-toxic and earth-friendly.

So...let’s take a look at the meaning behind the labels.

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**NON-GMO** This label verifies that a product doesn’t contain any genetically modified ingredients (or technically doesn’t use any more than 0.9% GMOs). What are GMOs exactly? A GMO is a plant or other organism that has been created in a laboratory using genetic modification techniques. There are many health and environmental risks associated with GMOs that it’s best to steer clear!

ORGANIC The use of the word organic is highly regulated. If you see this label on a product, it means that it has been certified by the USDA and that at least 95% of the ingredients in the product are “organic”, meaning they haven’t been produced with harsh chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. Additionally, when you see the label “Made with Organic Ingredients” that means the product is made of 70% or greater organic ingredients. Rest assured, organic is always NON-GMO.

NATURAL This label generally means that at least some of the ingredients in the product are ingredients found in nature that have been minimally processed. The term “natural” isn’t regulated, so be sure to take another look at the ingredients. Strive to pick a product where synthetic ingredients aren’t included or are at the very bottom of the ingredients list.

VEGAN These are brands that are free of animal ingredients (like gelatin and animal fats) or animal derived ingredients (like honey, yogurt, and beeswax).

CRUELTY-FREE Since vegan doesn’t always mean that the product hasn’t been tested on animals, be sure to look for the “cruelty free” bunny logo or “not tested on animals” to ensure your products are 100% pure of heart!

WILD-CRAFTED Wild-crafted ingredients are herbs and plants that have been harvested from their natural habitat. Since they are organic by nature, they are free of pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals.

There you have it! With a bit more understanding, we can fully appreciate what we’re putting on (or in) our body and those that put in the effort to ensure their products are eco-friendly and ethically sourced!

One last thing to note: Although these labels are helpful, many indie brands make a point to use source their ingredients this way but often times don't have the funds to get certified. So always take a look at the ingredient list to see how much love is going into your favorite products.

So you can feel extra good about the products you’re using, we’ve packed the Mother Gaia Box with some of our favorite eco-friendly self-care goodies!

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