Your Soul Color Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign is associated with an element and has a ruling planet, but did you know each sign has a color?

Discover your color vibe below! Check your sun, moon & rising sign to determine your unique color trio.

Aries: Red-Orange

Aries naturally resembles a shade of red, with their fiery energy, loud personality and “go get ‘em” attitude. It's no surprise here that this blend of red & orange suits these firecrackers.

Taurus: Sage Green

Sage green sums up this adventure seeker. With their calm, enchanting energy this earthy sign knows a little bit about everything.

Gemini: Citrus Yellow

Gemini, one of the majestic air signs, is full of light and personality. Geminis are never boring and let's be honest, they can have a bit of a zing. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour - citrus yellow was only fitting.

Cancer: Turquoise

People with this sign naturally emit a strong positive energy. They feel emotions strongly and strive to live life to the fullest - full of love. This happy water sign shines bright with turquoise.

Leo: Gold

Two words - strength & power. The fierce Leo lions want to be on top - on top of their goals that is. With ambition high on their list and always aiming for success, they really do deserve a gold medal.

Virgo: White

The Virgos are not to be mistaken for, yes organization, structure, and things done their way are important to them but underneath this layer are some of the purest souls. White represents this purity anddd their inner clean freak.

Libra: Lavender

3 words come to mind for a Libra: calm, love, and, of course, balance. These soothing souls love with all of their heart. They strive for balance in life even though it may not come as easy as one would think for these signs. Soul color? Lavender for sure.

Scorpio: Silver

A Scorpio's energy is not to be messed with. Scorpios have strong personalities, aren’t afraid to live on the wild side, and definitely have a *snap* *snap* fierce alter ego. This icy cool sign radiates silver energy.  

Sagittarius: Burnt Orange

These archers seek adventure, an adrenaline rush, and have a connection to the earth that even earth signs don’t always have. Their energy is wise, loud, sassy, wild & fun all at once.

Capricorn: Teal

Ambition is of great importance to the Capricorn but behind the need for success is a desire to be one with the planet. This earth sign loves to be immersed into nature. Between the trees and the ocean is their happy place = teal.

Aquarius: Violet

The Aquarian energy is unlike any other. Extremely spiritually connected (whether they realize it or not), they love color and are some of the funnest people you’ll ever meet.

Pisces: Periwinkle

This water sign goes with the flow and if something doesn’t feel right, they find a different stream to float down. Not afraid to stand up for what is right, Pisces have big hearts. Periwinkle fits their cool personality well.

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