6 Ayurvedic Tips for Spring

Ayurveda, a system of medicine with historical roots in India and the sister science of yoga, looks to nature for clues on how to balance the elements for optimal health and vitality.

After spending the cold, wet winter immersed in seasonal activities like overeating and infrequent exercise, you're likely to have an accumulation of the Ayurvedic dosha called Kapha (comprised of earth and water elements).

With too much Kapha in your system you may feel tired, lethargic, bloated and even depressed.

As spring comes around, the snow melts, birds return and new life blossoms from what has lain dormant. So that you can feel rejuvinated and able to enjoy the light-heartedness of spring, we're sharing some Ayurvedic strategies to help clear Kapha out of the body.

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6 Ayurvedic Wellness Tips for Spring (to Balance Kapha):

#1 Try a Food Fast

In nature, food is most scarce during the spring season since the fall harvest is all but gone and fresh food is only just starting to grow. Fasting during the spring is common for those who live off the land. They're accustomed to surviving off the extra warmth their bodies packed on during the winter months.

Depending on your dosha, you could focus on just eating lighter meals or maybe you can try fasting for a few hours up to a full day+. Be sure to drink lots of water. Going for long periods of time without food is not recommended for Vata types.

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Aside from helping to shed some extra density, fasting is also known for its spiritual benefits. When mental energy is not tied up in seeking, consuming and digesting food it is more available for self-study and other higher consciousness pursuits.

#2 Fast from Unhealthy Habits

It’s no surprise to Ayurveda that lent is such a widely practiced ritual during the spring season.

To create feelings of lightness, break free from daily habits or lifestyle activities that are holding you back from becoming the best, most balanced and vibrant version of yourself.

Try giving up just one thing that will serve your whole being like swearing, staying up late, or your caffeine addiction (try turmeric latte instead of your daily cup of joe!)


Not sure what to give up? It’s usually that which you’re most resistant to give up that will bring the sweetest rewards.

#3 Do a Cleanse

There is a distinct difference between fasting and cleansing. Where fasting involves restraint (giving something up), cleansing is an active process that requires adding something new to the status quo.

One way to cleanse would be with the simple practice of tongue scraping. Cleansing with food is a great practice too.

A food cleanse can be as easy as phasing out those hearty winter meals and incorporating lighter fare into your diet like veggie soups, fruits, nuts and salads.

Ayurveda also recommends eating more bitter and astringent foods during spring because they help stimulate digestion, support detoxification and reduce water retention.

Next time you go to the grocery store add some of these ingredients to your cart: leafy greens, brussel sprouts, bitter herbs, turmeric and cacao.

#4 Clean House

Another way to move stagnant energy is to clear out clutter from your physical environment.

Spend a weekend doing a deep clean of your home. Clear out the dust and debris and then cleanse your space with sage or palo santo. Go through your closets and give stuff away to friends or a donation center.

Lightening your load and releasing emotional attachments to material things will help clear your mind so you can freely enjoy the creative, joyful nature of spring.

#5 Dry Brush

Dry skin brushing is like cleaning house, in your body.

The firm bristles exfoliate dead skin making it easier for the skin to breathe. With long gentle strokes towards the heart you'll boost circulation and stimulate the lymph, your body’s natural detoxification system.

This form of self-massage feels great too, expecially when infused with loving intention.

#6 Break a Sweat

Spring is a great time to push yourself, physically.

Integrate more vigorous types of exercise into your week like biking, jogging or taking a hot yoga class to increase circulation, sweat out excess water and get a nice dose of endorphins.

Get moving!

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