6 Crystals For Shadow Work

There are A LOT of crystals out there and knowing which one is best to work with isn't always easy. When it comes to shadow work (Hello, October 2020 Box Theme! - SOLD OUT), we've narrowed it down to the 6 best crystals that'll help you get wade through the discomfort so you can find the gold in your shadows.

Black Kyanite

Black kyanite is the stone of self-discovery. This powerhouse stone is excellent for when you're working with your shadow. Black Kyanite helps to remove blockages, open new pathways, and transmute negative energy so emotions are released in a more positive way. Shadow work can illuminate a tendency towards harmful attachments. Kyanite helps to cut cords and toxic ties with ease and tranquility.

The energy from this stone stimulates all chakras giving you the best support to forgive & heal.


Labradorite's properties make it an ideal crystal for inner work. This crystal expels a soft energy that helps to uncover hidden patterns & illuminate past memories. Not only that, it will help to relieve feelings of anxiety or fear that may be triggered from past memories resurfacing from the subconscious.

Ever wonder why you said or did something that was not "you"? Or maybe why all of a sudden something triggered you and you're feeling unexpectedly different? Working with this crystal can help you to better understand the reasons and motives behind these actions. Labradorite sheds light on these behaviors that are rooted in the shadow self and assist you in becoming more aware of your actions.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz aka "Stone of Unconditional Love" has the ability to open the heart and balance all charkas. Since shadow work will likely bring up strong emotions, it's important to bring in some soothing self-love energy.  

This gentle stone helps to clear the heart of anger, resentment, guilt, fear, and jealousy, all while encouraging emotional & mental harmony. You can expect an increase in receptivity and guidance in your ability to forgive and accept yourself and others.

Snowflake Obsidian

This grounding stone can help open the door to your shadow side by bringing emotions, patterns, and fears to the surface. Expect to realize the great lessons & beauty that emerge from the mistakes and successes you experience in life.

The flecks of white in the Snowflake Obsidian soften and balance its energy. This black & white beauty promotes an equal medium for the body, mind & spirit. Another magical property and a very important one is that Snowflake Obsidian helps to recognize and release stressful mental patterns and "wrongful thinking." Expect transformation, balance, and purification with this stone.


When it comes to facing past life issues & uncovering hidden patterns, Onyx is the go-to. You'll find this crystal heightens your instincts,  intuition, and ultimately aids in changing those not-so-good habits.

Working with this black beauty helps to increase regeneration & happiness by unraveling fear & phobias that may stem from a past life. This is a strengthening stone that can increase your self-confidence as you approach a lesson or task.

Smoky Quartz

When it comes to shadow work, it's important to ground yourself during the process. Smoky Quartz's grounding energy is great for offering protection by dissipating negative energy and guiding you to move forward in life.

While detoxifying on all levels, expect nightmares to disappear and happy dreams to manifest. The smoky energy brings in an overall calmness and promotes positive thoughts & actions. This is crucial for the stages of working with your shadow as things will resurface and it's important to work through them you must stay rooted in the light.

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