33 of the Best Crystal Grids on Instagram

To help inspire your own crystal grid creations, we mined Instagram and found 33 of the most beautiful crystal grids by 13 artists you’ll want to follow.


1. The pros at Energy Muse really know how to work their crystal magic into powerful color combos and energetic grids for healing the mind-body and manifesting magnificence.

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A photo posted by Energy Muse (@energymuse) on

2. Allie Lane of Alexandraite creates the sweetest crystal grids with her sacred geometry grid mat (like the one in our December 2016 Goddess Provisions Box featuring the Flower of Life pattern.) Every other pic is a colorful treat for your eyes and soul.

3. Heather Askinosie, the darling Founder of Energy Muse, feeds her feed with mega love and crystal grids that bring the body into alignment with the earth’s energy.

4. Athena Victory of Victory Crystals and her Certified Crystal Healer-hands make crystal grids that are like affirmations for your eyes. True treasures.

5. This breathtaking crystal grid was the result of a collaboration between a florist (Aleajoy), a fine artist (Joshuanightfury) and a tattoo artist (Freeorgy). We’re praying they gift the world with more gold like this!

6. Crystal grids made by Woodlights Woudlicht are straight out of your favorite fairytale; lessons, spells, poems and all. Grab some tea, cozy up and begin at the beginning!

7. Anne Hayman of The Moon Sisterhood is a wise-woman who works with crystal grids to call in divine information on the daily. Count on Anne to be your ritual sister-guide.

8. Hopey Cherie’s Star Mandalas are truly from the heavens. These crystal grids can be mounted on the wall to offer beauty, balance and high vibes always.

A photo posted by Hopey Cherie (@starmandalas) on

A photo posted by Hopey Cherie (@starmandalas) on

9. Violet Gray Design uses crystal grids to charge their sacred jewelry with extra love and positive intention so that when you wear them home, you’ll be reminded that your powers are limitless.

10. Geotanica Fortunii is a crystal grid hero. These creations will leave you speachless…They’re seriously divine.

11. Reiki healer, Trudi, channels her pure love for art, adventure, spirit and the sea into her Meraki Dreams crystal grids on Sea Change Bliss.

12. Cave & Canyon’s curator, Hailey, offers laser etched or hand painted crystal grids as tools for connecting to your spiritual side. Follow her for accessible tips on creating grids and manifesting magic.

13. Kelleye_ of Awaken Minerals makes sacred geometry crystal grids that you can travel with. The crystals are permanently or semi-permanently fixed so you can carry your good intentions with you.

Now that you have a solid spread of inspiration, it’s time to make your own! Check out our step-by-step instructions for how to make a crystal grid.

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